By Kym Marsh
Pride of Manchester host

I’m so thrilled to be coming back to Manchester for the most amazing night of the year - the second Pride of Manchester Awards.
It’s the city’s most glamorous event, and I know from last year, the audience in May will be packed with famous actors, singers, TV presenters, and sporting heroes from this brilliant city and beyond.
But just like Pride of Britain, the real stars are the winners, unsung Manc heroes of all ages who go to extraordinary lengths to help others.
It is going to be such an honour to meet them, and help to celebrate their astonishing achievements.
From inspirational fundraisers to heroic members of our emergency services and courageous children and young people, they are all so different, but they all share one quality - they are hugely modest about what they have done.
And that is why we need you to tell us about them in the first place.The Pride of Manchester Awards, in partnership with TSB, celebrate amazing unsung heroes from the city and the surrounding area.
It’s a truly wonderful event, and I love being part of it, from the lovely warm welcome I get from everyone I meet, to the most important people - the winners.
So please tell us who you think they should be by using the form on this page to nominate.
Perhaps you know someone who is quietly transforming their community to improve the lives of those around them, or someone who has put themselves in danger to save someone else, or an inspirational campaigner.
We are looking for amazing fundraisers, children and young people who have overcome adversity to help others, and people who have displayed heart-stopping courage in a split second, perhaps risking their own safety to save a stranger.
And of course, we honour the amazing men and women of our emergency services who go beyond the call of duty to keep us all safe.
Our team looks at every nomination we receive, before compiling a shortlist for the Pride of Manchester judging panel who choose the winners.
As well as being honoured at the glittering awards dinner in Manchester, all our regional winners go forward to the judging process for the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards, in partnership with TSB.
Right now, all across Manchester, there are incredible people quietly going about their business of helping others and transforming people’s lives.
They aren’t going to shout about what they do, so you’ll have to do it for them.
So if you know someone who you believe deserves a Pride of Manchester Award, tell us about them, and nominate now.



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