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Heroic schoolgirl saved her family’s lives by raising the alarm when she recognised signs of carbon monoxide poisoning

Speech therapist who designed a language programme of signs, symbols and speech to change the lives of millions

Youngster whose motto “there are no disabilities, only abilities” is a powerful advocate for other disabled children

Hero schoolboy steered car across dual carriageway, after his mum collapsed at the wheel at 65mph

Friends who began a sandwich shop to raise money for social causes now lead a global movement to end homelessness

Overcame a brutal childhood and prejudice to become a nurse and transform care for people with sickle cell disease

Overcame a life of crime and homelessness to help steer thousands of young people away from gangs and violence

Heroic police officer risked her own life to tackle a man brandishing a gun at terrified nurses in a hospital ward

Terminally-ill youngster is on a mission to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds so other children won’t suffer too 

Runner has completed gruelling endurance challenges dressed as his alter-ego Adventureman to raise money for sick children

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