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People who meet Holly Lishman often remark upon what a happy-go-lucky little girl she is.  But Holly has been through an ordeal so terrifying that her parents feared she might never smile again.


Hollie Ashe had never been told what to do if her dad fell into a diabetic coma. At just four years old, her parents thought she was too young even to understand the condition.


Ben Housson was just two years old when he was involved in a freak accident that very nearly killed him.  While at a restaurant in France, a ship's wheel - weighing 220lb - fell on his head and crushed his skull. Doctors said he had almost no chance of survival.

The floods which hit Britain in December 2000 cost the nation tens of millions of pounds in lost business and damage to homes.


Sophie and Catherine Render have a bond that goes far deeper than most mothers and daughters.


Steven Portman lost his arm in a horrific accident, but if it hadn't been for his best friend, Sean McNally, he would probably have lost his life.


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