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To battle through cancer and suffer the heartbreak of losing a best friend to the disease is horrendous - but to write a guide to help other children cope with cancer is truly inspirational.


To battle against cancer at any age is horrendous - but to survive it, suffer the heartbreak of losing a best friend and yet still think of others at Katy Miles's tender years defies belief.


Little Ollie Cartwright is the true face of courage after enduring 130 major operations to remodel his skull - and save his life.


Eight-year-old Hope Farrelly became Britain's youngest midwife when she delivered her baby brother at home. Little Hope was fast asleep in bed when she heard her mum, Melissa, screaming her name in the middle of the night.


When his parents' car spun off the road and plunged into a canal, Cameron Weir did not hesitate to save the lives of his younger brother and sister who were trapped in the wreck.


Last summer, Shae Thomas was fighting for her life in intensive care. Astonishingly, less than a year on, the seven-year-old has shown extraordinary courage and managed to return to school with her friends.


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