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A trip on the last bus home after a night on the town turned into a journey from hell for Lynsey Walters when she risked her life to save a man being viciously stabbed.

Teacher Rosanne Ainslie was enjoying a well-earned lie-in when she heard shouting from her elderly neighbour's house.  She was about to risk her own life in a dramatic rescue.


Pensioners Janet McMahon and Cameron Sharp dragged a suicidal woman to safety with just seconds to spare after she lay across the path of an express train.


After hearing the screams of a woman being set upon by a car-jacker, Daniel Allen knew he had to act.  Not only did he chase the attacker and help capture him - he did so after being stabbed twice in the leg.


When deputy headteacher Anthony Peltier was sent on a four-day first aid course, he knew the skills would come in handy.


When Richard Emmott hung up his rugby boots for the last time, he had no idea that the skills he acquired on the pitch would one day be called upon to avert a shooting tragedy.


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