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When Joseph Anderson grows up, he hopes to be either a comedian or a clown. His impressions of Michael Caine regularly have his mother and older sister doubled up in hysterics.


Late one evening last May, 12-year-old Katie-Louise was watching TV with her mother when she heard a loud bang from her brothers' room upstairs.  She dashed up to their bedroom and found Adam, seven, on the floor.


It was a chilly January evening and three-year-old Connor Carr had just come home from nursery with his mother, Debbie, in Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear.


Eight-year-old Jamie Baxter knew exactly how to save his mum's life when she collapsed in a coma before his eyes.


Rachel Edwards loves nothing better than riding her bike and swimming and she dreams of singing with Steps when she's older.  But every little step she takes causes her intense pain.


Charlotte Carter showed courage and initiative beyond her years when she found her dad John drowning in the bath after he fell into a diabetic coma.


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