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It is impossible to imagine the agony of losing your child to cancer. But from the depths of his own grief, Bob Woodward embarked on a life-long crusade to help every other parent and child going through the same ordeal.


A crash between two cars on a level crossing would have led to certain disaster, but for superwoman Lucy Gale.


Exactly 10 years have passed since British troops were first deployed in Afghanistan to take on the Taliban in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.


When the streets of Britain burned in the August riots, one man stood out above all others for his remarkable courage and compassion.


Life changed in a split second for McAyla Johnston when she was hit by a car at a busy crossroads. She was left with critical injuries, and the doctors treating her were convinced she would never walk or talk again.

Tom was plunged into a life or death situation when a raging bull attacked his dad, tossing him into the air like a rag doll and trampling his body.

Fostering a healthy child is too big a responsibility for most of us. So looking after a baby suffering from drugs withdrawal symptoms seems beyond comprehension.


Crying alone in a prison cell seven years ago after being jailed for smuggling drugs, Gina Moffatt thought she had thrown her whole life away.


When pensioner Ann Timson saw an armed gang attacking a jewellery shop, she set about them with her handbag, foiling the raid and landing the villains behind bars.


At the age of 91, you"d excuse Tom Lackey for slowing down a bit. But the quiet life isn't for this daredevil grandad.


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