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Toni & Kelsey

Toni & Kelsey

When baby Toni fell into a bath of scalding hot water, her big sister Kelsey bravely leapt in to save her.


The accident happened one morning in February 2003 when Kelsey was four and Toni was 10 months old.

Mum Tracey had started running a bath, but when her back was turned, the girls went into the bathroom.

The sisters, from Glasgow, were taken to the city's Royal Hospital For Sick Children. Kelsey was in for two weeks,with burns on her legs, feet and lower body. Toni was in intensive care with third-degree burns over 65 per cent of her body. Doctors told Tracey and dad John that she would die.

But, amazingly, she pulled through. Since then, she has endured 40 skin grafts - but her positive character and beautiful smile inspire all who meet her.

Mum Tracey says: "Toni's my little miracle and Kelsey is my inspiration."

Mark Stevenson, founder of the Scottish Burned Children's Club, adds: "They are marvellous girls."