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Martin Langlands risked his life to save a family whose car crashed after a blow-out on a busy motorway.


Heroic Bernie Butler risked his life to rescue a man from a devastating explosion after a lorry collided with a gas tanker on the M6 motorway.


Even though an express train was hurtling towards him at 100mph, teenager Carl Duval didn't think twice about saving a complete stranger who had fallen onto a railway line.


He was just 12 years old, but it fell to Robert Dunn to save his entire family from a crazed attacker who burst into their home brandishing a meat cleaver.


When two crazed terrorists crashed a flaming Jeep into the main terminal at Glasgow Airport on June 30, the natural reaction of hundreds of holidaymakers was to run away.


All Anthony Crompton intended to do when he went to his local garage was buy a bottle of coke. Instead he risked his life to single-handedly take on two armed robbers - and was stabbed eight times.


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