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Battling Jasvinder Sanghera was just 14 when her mum showed her a picture of the man she would wed.  Two years later she ran away to escape the marriage.


Camp Bastion Hospital, which lies at the centre of the British military base in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, is a world leader in trauma care.


Sally-Ann Sutton, 56, had gone for a Christmas Day stroll with her pal Hannah and Hannah's son Bobbi, then one.  Moments later, a Rottweiler began racing towards them


Nobel Prize winner Peter Mansfield has saved millions of lives with his invention.  Sir Peter, 75, failed his 11-plus and left school at 15 with no qualifications.


She may be 95, but Doris Long isn't prepared for life to slow down just yet.


Royal Marine Sergeant Noel Connolly saved the lives of 30 of his comrades when he prevented a Taliban suicide bomber from detonating154lb of explosives.


When baby Toni fell into a bath of scalding hot water, her big sister Kelsey bravely leapt in to save her.


Pensioner Michael was waiting for friends in his local betting shop when the afternoon took a dramatic and violent turn.


Martin Langlands risked his life to save a family whose car crashed after a blow-out on a busy motorway.


Being diagnosed with breast cancer at just 23 is a devastating blow.


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