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To the outside world, Tony Fowler is just a milkman, braving the early morning cold to deliver fresh supplies to people's doorsteps in time for breakfast.


A Force Nine gale was raging in the English Channel when the Devon RNLI got the call to head out to a stricken ship that was in danger of sinking.


When 10-year-old Damilola Taylor was callously murdered in 2000, instead of turning their grief into bitterness, his parents looked for hope.


Every day, the thousands of men and women who work in the NHS go beyond the call of duty to help the countless people who rely on their care and expertise.


Even though an express train was hurtling towards him at 100mph, teenager Carl Duval didn't think twice about saving a complete stranger who had fallen onto a railway line.


As a fundraising idea, Nina Barough's plan was certainly unique. She and 12 friends decided to powerwalk the New York Marathon wearing little more than decorated bras.


At just nine-years-old, Nathan Thomson saved his mother from a crazed attacker who broke into the family home intent on killing her.


Diabetic Aubrina Ashton relies on four injections a day to keep her blood sugar from plummeting and sending her into a life-threatening coma.


Tilly suffers from a muscle-wasting illness that leaves her physically unable to do everyday things most people take for granted.


To lose a friend to cancer while battling the disease yourself is unimaginably hard for any young person. But to take inspiration from this and set out to raise £150,000 to help other children with cancer is remarkable.


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