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When a disturbed man walked into a busy hospital, set himself on fire and was heading towards the maternity ward, two unlikely heroes thought nothing of their own safety to tackle him.


Pride of Britain Award winner Peter Fuller exclusively reveals how he put his life on the line when he stopped a crazed man with a machete from murdering a shopper during a racist attack in a supermarket


Dee Patel has won an award in the Pride of Britain outstanding bravery category after he used his van to push an unconscious driver on the M25 motorway to safety


Civilians Royston Smith and Alistair Neill put their lives on the line to tackle a killer armed with an automatic rifle on a Royal Navy nuclear sub.


Corporal Carl Taylor put his life on the line twice by running across open ground in a hail of bullets to save the lives of three children in Afghanistan during an intense firefight with Taliban insurgents.


A crash between two cars on a level crossing would have led to certain disaster, but for superwoman Lucy Gale.


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