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World War One veteran Henry Allingham remembers things that most of us have only ever read about in textbooks. At the age of 111, his life has spanned three centuries, six monarchs and 21 Prime Ministers.


Pam Redican's dedication to so-called ‘difficult' children is second to none. The mother-of-two spent her own childhood in a series of children and foster homes, and turned to alcohol as a teenager.


He was just 12 years old, but it fell to Robert Dunn to save his entire family from a crazed attacker who burst into their home brandishing a meat cleaver.


When fire-fighters realised they didn't have the skills to tackle a highly dangerous explosion in a pyrotechnics factory, bomb disposal expert Sergeant Michelle Cunningham immediately made her way to the scene.


Chloe Gambrill was just six years old when she signed up to run the Cancer Research UK Race For Life in memory of her "beloved nanny" who died of cancer. But, tragically, just five weeks before the race in July 2005, Chloe was diagnosed with leukaemia.


Eminent heart surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub, 71, has performed more transplants than anybody else in the world - saving thousands of lives across the globe.


When two crazed terrorists crashed a flaming Jeep into the main terminal at Glasgow Airport on June 30, the natural reaction of hundreds of holidaymakers was to run away.


Brave Lydia Cross has battled against the killer disease meningitis, but still thinks of others by helping to raise crucial awareness of its deadly symptoms.


Racing driver Lewis Hamilton shot to fame this year after a spectacular run of podium finishes in Formula One.


Twelve years ago, a woman sitting in an Edinburgh coffee shop could be seen scribbling in a notebook, creating the life of schoolboy wizard Harry Potter.  Back then, Joanne Kathleen Rowling was a single parent living on benefits.


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