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Liz Carnell launched the immensely successful charity Bullying Online as a direct result of a family member's misery.


When the family from hell moved into her street, Lesley Pulman single-handedly took on the bullies and won.


Five and a half years ago, Mark Johnson was living on the streets of London begging for money to fuel his drug and alcohol addiction.  Today, 34-year-old Mark has beaten his demons and set up his own successful tree surgery business, Treewise.


Long before Jamie Oliver had spotted his first Turkey Twizzler, pioneering head teacher Liz Owens decided to take control of school meals and improve kids' lives.


Despite losing her homeland and her father, Asmeret Tesfazghi considers herself a lucky woman. After fleeing the war-torn African country of Eritrea in 1989, Asmeret and her mother Letina arrived in London with Letina's other children - an older son and daughter - to seek refuge.


Make Poverty History, Live8 and Comic Relief are just a few of the ideas Richard Curtis has made a reality, impacting on millions of people's lives all around the globe.


On July 6, the whole country held its breath as International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge revealed the host of the 2012 Olympic Games.


Thousands of people's lives have been changed all across the world thanks to the awareness and generosity of Richard Carr-Gomm.


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