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Sleeping next to overflowing bins behind an inner city hostel, Jay Kamiraz thought his life was over, at just 17.


Crying alone in a prison cell seven years ago after being jailed for smuggling drugs, Gina Moffatt thought she had thrown her whole life away.


Sharing a prison cell with a heroin addict going cold turkey was the final straw that made Nathan James abandon his criminal past.


Drugs worker Chris Saunders is a beacon of hope to the countless young people whose lives he's helped rebuild - and given how far he has travelled himself, his success is even more remarkable.


As a talented young dancer and choreographer, Ricky McCalla had a promising career ahead of him.  He was in demand from some of the biggest names in the music industry, having starred alongside UK acts including Ashanti and Mystique.


Happily married with two beautiful children and a job she loves, Vicki Peters has much to be thankful for. But in her teenage years she began suffering extreme highs and lows caused by undiagnosed bipolar disorder, became addicted to drink and drugs, and eventually had a severe psychotic breakdown.

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