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Ben Housson was just two years old when he was involved in a freak accident that very nearly killed him.  While at a restaurant in France, a ship's wheel - weighing 220lb - fell on his head and crushed his skull. Doctors said he had almost no chance of survival.

Pensioners Janet McMahon and Cameron Sharp dragged a suicidal woman to safety with just seconds to spare after she lay across the path of an express train.


After hearing the screams of a woman being set upon by a car-jacker, Daniel Allen knew he had to act.  Not only did he chase the attacker and help capture him - he did so after being stabbed twice in the leg.


Like most of her neighbours, Caroline Hobbs had spent years lobbying the council to build a bridge over the A249 which cuts through Detling, Kent.


Bob created a landmine disposal system to stop any more innocents dying in accidents.


Russell gave up his holiday to treat bomb victims and train the Bali fire service in rescue techniques.  The Bali bombing last October claimed almost 200 lives in the worst outrage since September 11, 2001.


If it hadn't been for Sir Nicholas Winton, 669 children would almost certainly have perished in Nazi death camps.


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