When their mother died suddenly, Stacey Heywood and her brother and sister were sent to different care homes. But thanks to Stacey's incredible sacrifice the family are now back together.


Despite losing her homeland and her father, Asmeret Tesfazghi considers herself a lucky woman. After fleeing the war-torn African country of Eritrea in 1989, Asmeret and her mother Letina arrived in London with Letina's other children - an older son and daughter - to seek refuge.


More than 800 children from around the world call 62-year-old Birdie McDonald "mum."


Adopting a child is a huge responsibility, one that requires patience, dedication and commitment.


Jill McGowan knows better than most the misery caused by asthma. Not only is she a sufferer herself, but as a nurse she has spent 27 years treating people with breathing difficulties.


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