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When Joseph Anderson grows up, he hopes to be either a comedian or a clown. His impressions of Michael Caine regularly have his mother and older sister doubled up in hysterics.


It was on October 6 at Old Trafford that David Beckham was crowned the king of English football.  The 26-year-old England captain strode on to the pitch for a showdown with Greece as an icon of the national sport.


Late one evening last May, 12-year-old Katie-Louise was watching TV with her mother when she heard a loud bang from her brothers' room upstairs.  She dashed up to their bedroom and found Adam, seven, on the floor.


When deputy headteacher Anthony Peltier was sent on a four-day first aid course, he knew the skills would come in handy.


When Richard Emmott hung up his rugby boots for the last time, he had no idea that the skills he acquired on the pitch would one day be called upon to avert a shooting tragedy.


Debby Dumigan has always been a good listener. If ever her family or friends have a problem it is always her they turn to.


To her pupils, Margaret Jellett is a devoted art and design teacher whose dedication and enthusiasm is an inspiration.


Six-year-old Kirsty Howard captured the nation's heart when she was picked as a mascot for the England team in their World Cup qualifier against Greece last year.


Emergency service workers the world over are prepared to put their lives on the line to save others. But rarely has their dedication been more clear than on September 11, 2001.


President Bill Clinton called it the "most wondrous map ever produced by mankind". Others have compared the mapping of the human genome to the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel.


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