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Jill McGowan knows better than most the misery caused by asthma. Not only is she a sufferer herself, but as a nurse she has spent 27 years treating people with breathing difficulties.


When three-year-old Joanna Hastings lay ill in hospital, Barbara White made a promise to her that would eventually help change thousands of young lives.


By the time Emma Honey was 17, most people had written her off. She lived with a violent boyfriend and was immersed in a world of crime to feed her addiction to hard drugs.


In 1997, Pineapple Junior Infants School was a byword for failure. Its pupils were under-achieving, attendance was low and morale among staff was plummeting.


Just 15 years ago a fur coat was as much a status symbol as a Ferrari or a Rolex, but today most people would not be seen dead in anything dead. And it is all down to the commitment of one man.


The floods which hit Britain in December 2000 cost the nation tens of millions of pounds in lost business and damage to homes.


Sophie and Catherine Render have a bond that goes far deeper than most mothers and daughters.


Before Steve Wardle moved on to the Grange Park housing estate, many of its residents were too scared to leave their homes at night.


If it hadn't been for the brave actions of PC Simon Dell, Christine Fox would today be a widow, grieving the loss of her son.


Steven Portman lost his arm in a horrific accident, but if it hadn't been for his best friend, Sean McNally, he would probably have lost his life.


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