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Dot Beeson was out walking her dog one summer's morning in 1979 when she noticed a swan caught in a fishing line.


Jill Farwell's beautiful redheaded daughter Katie was three years old and her brother Tom was six months when they were diagnosed with an extremely rare degenerative disorder.


At 79, great-great granny Norah Peyton could be forgiven for wanting a quiet life.  But when drug pushers moved onto her estate, Norah decided to fight back.


To her pupils, Sab Sahota-Lyons is an inspirational English teacher whose memory is so sharp that she can reel off whole chunks of text by heart and recall quotes and even whole paragraphs with ease.


With his leadership qualities and zest for life, Matthew Graffham is a positive influence on disadvantaged youngsters.


It was a chilly January evening and three-year-old Connor Carr had just come home from nursery with his mother, Debbie, in Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear.


Eight-year-old Jamie Baxter knew exactly how to save his mum's life when she collapsed in a coma before his eyes.


Rachel Edwards loves nothing better than riding her bike and swimming and she dreams of singing with Steps when she's older.  But every little step she takes causes her intense pain.


In many Third World countries children die simply because doctors lack the skills to perform major operations we take for granted.


As experienced policemen, PCs Ian Thomson and Daran Gagin, have worked on some precarious incidents. But on Friday, October 13 last year, they encountered one in which they ended up risking their own lives.


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