Michaela "Dolly" McCarthy

Doctors told brave Michaela McCarthy she would never walk again after an horrific road accident.


The 10-year-old - who is known as Dolly - was out with a friend, near her home in Colchester, Essex, last August when the tragedy occurred and she was left pinned under an HGV.

Dolly's terrible catalogue of injuries included a fractured pelvis, badly broken leg, and lost muscle and ligaments and she required skin grafts from her knees to her ankles.

Due to the tremendous extent of her injuries, her doctors thought she would never be able to walk again. But Dolly has never given up hope, amazing the medics with her determination, and lifting the spirits of all who nursed her.

Dolly's mum, Michelle says: "It was very touch and go for the first few weeks because she was having so many operations in such a short time but she's a fighter and the doctors are still completely stunned by her strength of spirit."

Just three months later, the brave youngster showed extraordinary courage and strength in her battle against the odds and took her first steps.

Michelle, who is immensely proud of her brave daughter, says: "She just loves living life. She's got a strong personality anyway and she's the kind of person that doesn't give up easily.

"If she wants to do something, she'll put her heart and soul into it, even when the odds are stacked against her."

Before the accident Dolly was already demonstrating her strong character and courage, acting as her mother's eyes, after Michelle lost her sight due to a brain tumour.

Michelle says: "Both my kids went through so much when I was ill and now Dolly's going through it again. Emotionally, she has been to hell and back."

Dolly has to wear special knee braces and use a frame to help her stand and walk the small distances she can currently cover.

But the happy-go-lucky little girl cannot wait to rejoin her friends in her Brownie pack.

She says: "My walking is a lot better now than when I first tried. It's still quite hard to walk on the crutches but I'm OK."

Throughout her stay in hospital, Dolly, who's been dubbed Britain's Bravest Brownie, has received praise from all who have come into contact with her.

Police officers and firefighters who attended the accident have all visited her afterwards in hospital and been inspired her courage, character, spirit and determination.


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