Levana Hanson

She lost her legs when she was a baby because of meningitis but Levana has never let that hold her back.

In her eight years she has endured more than 40 operations and learned to walk on prosthetic legs - and swim.

Levana faces every challenge with a smile and tells people: "The reason I don't have legs is because I'm special."

Mum Glenda said: "Her bubbly nature hides her daily pain.

"When her stumps are operated on she is wheelchairbound for a while but she's never once complained."

The Meningitis Trust were so struck by herpositive spirit they asked her to star in a short film which isscreened at fundraising and training events.

Glenda and Levana's dad Mark, fromTewkesbury, Glos, were proud when she enrolled in karate lessons andraised s400 for the trust and Children in Need in a sponsored"kickathon".

Levana said: "It hurt but I was really proud to have done 100 kicks."


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