Jake Peach

After a month in a coma and having to learn to walk again, 12-year-oldJake Peach is determined to help other young cancer patients.

Jake was diagnosed with leukaemia onMothers' Day in 2008. His first dose of chemotherapy sent histemperature soaring to 40 degrees and he started coughing up blood.

Doctors put him into a coma on a ventilator in intensive care. When Jake woke up a month later he couldn't move.

He could only communicate by blinking. It was a fortnight before he could speak and nine weeks before he learned to walk again.

While still bedridden, Jake, of South end,Essex, made a video diary of his treatment, which is now used by GreatOrmond Street Hospital to guide other young cancer patients. In it, hereasewer: sures the vie "Don't worry - this won't happen to you". AndJake, who is now in remission, has spoken about his experience athospital fundraising dinners where he has so far raised s130,000.

He also helped GOSH win s500,000 sponsorship with Arsenal FC.

"It's all about PMA - positive mentalattitude," says Jake. His mother, Karen, agrees: "Positive thinking iswhat got us all through. Now Jake is determined to do anything he canto raise money for GOSH."

Gosh senior fundraising executive LindseyBurke says: "Jake is a real inspiration to us all, and he has made aninvaluable contribution to many of GOSH's fundraising events."


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