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Pepe has been the Head Teacher of the Trinity Church of England School in Radstock since it opened three years ago when two local schools merged.


Pam Redican's dedication to so-called ‘difficult' children is second to none. The mother-of-two spent her own childhood in a series of children and foster homes, and turned to alcohol as a teenager.


One headteacher has made going to school an out-of-this world experience for the children - literally.


Long before Jamie Oliver had spotted his first Turkey Twizzler, pioneering head teacher Liz Owens decided to take control of school meals and improve kids' lives.


Three years ago Nesta Murray, headteacher of St Ann's C of E Primary School in Tottenham, north London, launched an anger management programme to reduce violence and bullying in her inner city school.


Janet Bourne has been helping troubled primary school pupils for years but she loves that moment when all the hard work pays off.


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