On Thursday, July 7, Britain came under terrorist attack when suicide bombers targeted Central London and killed 52 people.


Every day, RAF search-and-rescue teams risk their lives to save others but few can be as brave as the four men of 'A' Flight.


Brave Dan Tanner shrugged off serious stab wounds to his chest and arm to save a teenage girl from a crazed knifeman.


If it hadn't been for the brave actions of PC Simon Dell, Christine Fox would today be a widow, grieving the loss of her son.


As experienced policemen, PCs Ian Thomson and Daran Gagin, have worked on some precarious incidents. But on Friday, October 13 last year, they encountered one in which they ended up risking their own lives.


Dr Heather Clark and Dr Alastair Mulcahy performed open-heart surgery on a pub floor, with just a scalpel and a pair of scissors, to save the life of man who had been stabbed.


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