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Teenagers who make a million are rare - teenagers who make a million and give it all away are rarer still.


Supermum Jean Forrest, 64, has always loved children - so much so that she has been "mum" to an incredible 635 youngsters over the last 37 years.


British forces played a crucial role in the Nato campaign against the ruthless ethnic cleansing in wartorn Kosovo last year.


Seven-year-old Irving Graham was inspired by TV's Pet Rescue programme to do something positive to help abandoned animals. The Geordie schoolboy hit on the idea of using the internet to re-home strays and unwanted pets.


For years, children in care in North Wales were abused and beaten by those charged with their welfare. Some social workers turned a blind eye. Others were part of a more sinister conspiracy of silence. Thankfully, one woman was not prepared to look the other way - even though her complaints about the abuses she had witnessed cost her her job.

Gehane Gordelier took on a job that seemed a Mission Impossible to most of her professional colleagues. The post of headteacher at Harry Gosling Primary School in Tower Hamlets, east London, had been advertised three times with no takers.


Kathy Cassidy proved to be not only a good neighbour but a champion for an entire neighbourhood.


Fourteen Test centuries and 383 wickets stand in the record books as testament to cricket legend Ian Botham's sporting success. An entirely different set of figures measure his magnificent record as an inspirational individual.


Alison Moore is undoubtedly Britain's bravest teacher. The 31-year-old mother was beaten unconscious by racist thugs and left for dead in the grounds of the south London school where she works.


Charlotte Carter showed courage and initiative beyond her years when she found her dad John drowning in the bath after he fell into a diabetic coma.


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