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Helen Ridding took on a challenge few teachers would contemplate when she accepted a job at one of the worst primary schools in the country.


It was evening on September 6 1998 and light was fading fast when the Port Isaac Lifeboat rescue unit received a mayday call.


Lucy-Rae has endured more pain and suffering in her young life than most of us could ever imagine.


Sandra Howard's 20-year-old son Gareth is severely epileptic. When she discovered a revolutionary new treatment that was not available on the NHS, she decided to raise the money herself.


It was a December morning when Sarah Dinsdale and her mum Diane decided to go Christmas shopping.  But their car spun out of control as it hit black ice.


Rhys Daniels lost his fight for life against the crippling illness Batten's disease just before Christmas, and his sister Charly died soon afterwards.


The tragic scenes of grief, shock and devastation that followed the Omagh bombing will forever be ingrained in our memories.


Helen Smith was a gifted student with a bright future when she was struck by a cruel and devastating blow.


Daniel was beaten up so severely that he was knocked unconscious and left for dead on the pavement by the gang who attacked him.


It was a magical moment that gave a glimmer of hope and joy to a town steeped in sadness. And it was all the more poignant because it so nearly didn't happen.


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