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She may be 95, but Doris Long isn't prepared for life to slow down just yet.


Royal Marine Sergeant Noel Connolly saved the lives of 30 of his comrades when he prevented a Taliban suicide bomber from detonating154lb of explosives.


Being diagnosed with breast cancer at just 23 is a devastating blow.


In the battlefields of Afghanistan, the specialist Medical Emergency Response Team risk their lives every day by flying missions in the hotbed of terrorist activity.


It started as just an ordinary day for Juby Mathew as he drove to his friend's house one afternoon. But during that journey he was to face his greatest fear head on, risking his life and becoming a hero as he rescued a little boy from the jaws of a vicious dog.


When her own sons boasted of carrying out an unprovoked assault which left a father blind in one eye, Carol Saldinack was compelled to turn them over to the police.


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