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Carol Vorderman has been involved with Pride of Britain since our inception 17 years ago and as she quite rightly says "I'm not just someone who is brought in on the night, I've lived it and breathed it."

We caught up with her this week to find out what she’s hoping to see from this year’s nominees.  She told us “I have learned that our winners share two things. One is an incredible, selfless desire to help others, no matter how great the danger or overwhelming the odds. And the other is that they’re incredibly modest about what they have done. That’s why we need you to tell us about your unsung heroes, and nominate them for the Awards. Right now, there are people going about their everyday lives in towns and villages all over the country, who have no idea that in a few months, they will be the stars of the most amazing night of the year.”

She continues “The winners of the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards, in partnership with TSB, will be honoured by some of the most famous faces in the country, for achievements that will move us, inspire us, and leave us open-mouthed in admiration. Oh, and some will make us cry a little bit too. It could be someone who is quietly transforming their community to improve the lives of those around them, or someone who has put themselves in danger to save someone else, or an inspirational campaigner. They could be six or 106 - heroism has no age barrier - and they could have changed one life, or changed the world.”

There have been so many incredible winners since we started in 1999, and this year we will write another chapter in the Pride of Britain story. But we can only honour Britain’s unsung heroes if you tell us about them.

Carol adds “I know when I stand on that stage for the 18th time this October, and look out at the audience in the Grosvenor, I will see some of Britain’s most famous actors, singers, TV presenters, footballers, Olympians, politicians and royalty. But the real stars of Pride of Britain are the winners, so fill out the form here to tell us who you think they should be. We can’t do it without you”.

Watch Carol’s ten must-see moments from last year’s show - click here

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