Nominate now for Pride of Britain 2020

By Carol Vorderman, Pride of Britain host

 The coronavirus pandemic has made us all Pride of Britain people. 

During lockdown, neighbours have got to know and care for each other. Young people have looked after older people. Families reconnected and charity fundraisers became even more inventive.
We have seen the true value of our NHS, and a whole slew of workers who perhaps had been overlooked became heroes: supermarket staff, delivery drivers, farmers, public transport workers and so many more.
All of these people are unsung, and that’s the true spirit of the Daily Mirror Pride of Britain Awards, in partnership with TSB.
We celebrate incredible people from all walks of life who selflessly help others and make the lives of the people around them better.
We shine a light on them by sharing their stories.
And today, we are asking you to tell us about the unsung heroes you know, by nominating them for Pride of Britain.
I think every single one of us has a story of kindness or heroism from the past few months alone, so please tell us yours.
Our team will read and consider every single one to help our panel choose the winners, who will be celebrated in a star-studded prime time special on ITV in the Autumn, packed with all the emotional moments and hilarious celebrity surprises you expect from Pride of Britain.
There are lockdown heroes in every community. Remember the shops and restaurants who delivered to help isolated people. The kids, who were missing their friends and normality in lockdown, who threw their energy into caring for others. And the older people who used their strength and determination to do their bit.
Please don’t forget their incredibly kind acts as lockdown eases and we begin to return to our fast lives.
And please don’t forget the other acts of heroism we celebrate at Pride of Britain - we also want to hear about incredible acts of courage and inspiration, lifesavers young and old, and members of our emergency services who go above and beyond the call of duty.
Tell us all their stories, and click here to nominate so we can say thank you.

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