A message from Carol Vorderman

There were so many memorable moments at last year’s Pride of Britain, it feels almost impossible to pick one.

Cheeky Moin Younis chucking an Aston Villa scarf to Prince William before asking Nicole Scherzinger for a date was a hilarious highlight.

The Prime Minister Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Sir Vince Cable standing shoulder to shoulder to honour police officers who put their lives on the line to shield members of the public from terrorists was unprecedented.

And it was a privilege to share a stage with members of the Grenfell community, and the firefighters who battled so hard to save lives in that dreadful tragedy.

But perhaps the moment that will live longest in the memory was the quiet dignity of Dr Paul Stephenson as he received our Lifetime Achievement Award from Sir Lenny Henry.

This giant of a man was Britain’s own civil rights pioneer, who led campaigns against discrimination and prejudice and paved the way for Britain’s anti-racism laws.

He literally changed the face of Britain in the 1960s, helping to lay the foundations of the open, tolerant country we are all so proud of today.

And even though we lived in the same town, until our judging panel met last summer to choose the winners, I had not heard of him.

That is down to his remarkable modesty - a trait he shares with so many Pride of Britain winners over the past 19 years.

And it is why we are so grateful when you nominate unsung heroes you know about for the Daily Mirror’s Pride of Britain Awards, in partnership with TSB. We can’t honour people like Paul, if you don’t tell us about them.

Last year Pride of Britain came after a series of tragedies that shocked us all - the terror attacks in London and Manchester and the awful fire at Grenfell.

But in the worst of times, we see the very best of people, and at Pride of Britain we celebrated the courage, compassion and heroism of police officers, firefighters and medics that shone so brightly through the darkness.

In the year since then, members of our emergency services have continued to risk their lives to keep us safe, and we have had thousands of nominations for them from every part of the country.

Nominations have also flooded in for people who are quietly transforming communities to improve the lives of those around them, adults and children who have put themselves in danger to save someone else, and inspirational campaigners.

Thank you for your nominations. Our team considers every single one before they compile a shortlist for the judging panel.

When I stand on that Pride of Britain stage this October and look out at the audience I will see some of Britain's most famous actors, singers, TV presenters, footballers, politicians and royalty. But the real stars of Pride of Britain are the winners, and it all starts with a nomination.

So if you have nominated an unsung hero for the 2018 awards, thank you. And if you missed the deadline, don't worry - nominations for Pride of Britain 2019 will open on October 1st.

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