Ramona Gibbs

Brave Ramona had a split second to make a life or death decision as an out of control car hurtled towards her and little sister Trixie.


Without a thought for her own safety, Ramona pushed Trixie out of danger – sustaining serious injuries in the process.

Ramona, then six, was playing with Trixie, three, on scooters outside their house in a Bristol cul de sac in July 2011 when a 94-year-old woman doing a three-point turn in an automatic mistook the accelerator for the brake.

Ramona took the full force of the impact, suffering liver and lung damage, a broken leg and rib, a bruised pelvis, badly damaged knee and severe internal bleeding. She needed five operations, and spent 16 days in hospital. Trixie, now five, escaped with just a scratch to her cheek. In a heart wrenching twist, the extent of Ramona’s heroism only came to light when Trixie later complained in the hospital: “Mum, Ramona pushed me!”


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